We understand if you have questions about winning money from Cash competitions.

Is it legal to play and earn money money at Crispy Games ?

Yes! It is completely legal to play and win money at all our games. It is legal because Crispy Games only offers skill games, and doing so is protected under the Constitution of India. According to our Supreme Court, playing games of skills like Rummy/Chess/Bridge etc are considered as a business activity and it's perfectly legal for Citizens to win money in such events. There is nothing illegal in winning money in a Marathon and there is nothing illegal in winning money playing skill games like rummy, chess, etc.

Is Rummy a game of skill ?

Yes The Supreme Court of India in the year 1968 bas ruled that rummy is a game of skill. This judgement has been relied and followed in many subsequent judgements. In 1996, the Supreme Court of India had also stated that (i) competition where chances of success depends on significant degree of skill is not considered as ?gambling? and (ii) despite the fact that there is an element of chance, rummy is predominantly a game of skill and, thus, may be considered as a game of ?mere skill?.

What about Taxes ?

According to Indian laws, we are required to deduct 30% TDS on any winning above 10,000 INR. For winnings below that you are required to report the earnings to the government and pay taxes. Crispy Games lets you track your total tax deducted online and gives you a certificate as soon as possible.

Are there any exemptions ?

Unfortunately states of Assam and Orissa have separate state laws regarding Skill games. Hence we do not allow residents or players from these states on our platform

Do you have more questions ?

We are happy to help. Please send us an email at and we will answer any questions you have.